The Transcendent Colors of Peru

It’s been almost three months since my return from my solo adventure into the beating heart of South America-Peru. From the metropolitan, screeching chaos of Lima to the somber serenity of the Sacred Valley, Peru is a land bustling with contradiction, seething with history, and vibrant with life of every variety.
Emblazoned in my memory of this  country are the colors. The luminous golds and yellows of Qechua garb, the ripe magenta of tropical flora, the flush hues of red and orange fruits at the markets have imprinted in my mind. The stunning and sometimes overwhelming visual sensations tell the story of the richness of Peruvian culture.  They tell of the Qechua people clinging to an ancient way of life while acquiescing to the capitalism of hawking wears and crafts to western tourists. Threads of colonialism, Indigenous resistance, and modern consumer tourism ripple through the country, creating an intricate and complex quilt of modern culture.

Cuzco Market
Meat Market Cuzco
Mural Pisac
Textile copy1
The markets of Peru are writhing, seething organisms unto themselves. You can lose yourself wandering in the toil and clamor of the cobblestone alleys, then find yourself again in a juicy mango or greasy empanada.
Fruit Market Peru
Cuzco City Alley
Peru Cuzco _7837
Pisac Market, rainbow vendor
I lost and found myself many times over throughout my adventures in Peru.



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