“…to strive, to seek, and not to yield.”

Welcome to Ali’s little corner of the great digital firmament.  The Crooked Trail is premised under the idea that our journeys often have to go wayward, upside down and topsy- turvey to bring us to our personal truths. The paved path can often be the most treacherous.
I am an air sign and a blonde, so, naturally, my trails have meandered far, far off trail.  I currently live in an RV with two cats, so the stable life isn’t my forte. What I lack in certainty and stability I try to make up for in adventure and life long learning. This journey may meander through strange, dark canyons, lonesome mountain peaks, swirling rivers and mystical deserts.  Sometimes, it may even meander into sketchy bathrooms and dubious alley ways.
As a lover of all things earthen, you will be sure to find the quintessential outdoorsy nature porn. As a whiskey-drinking vegetarian, reluctant optimist, friendly misanthrope, and shape-shifting agnostic with slightly woo-woo spiritual proclivities, you may find some whimsical,  physcho-babble as well. I don’t like to offer advice, but I may pepper the space with personal anecdotes you may or may not, aptly apply to your personal predicament.